ATF Scholars


Ahado Ali
Ahado AliBryn Mawr College
Ahado is interested in public health disparities, and biotechnology. She plans to major in molecular biology at Bryn Mawr and in the future, hopes to study genetic diseases that disproportionately affect people of color, as well as their possible treatments.
Ailton Teixeira
Ailton TeixeiraNortheastern University
Ailton is a motivated, dedicated scholar who is passionate about STEM. He plans to study mechanical engineering at Northeastern, with dreams of becoming a robotics engineer. He wants to create innovative technology to better the world.
Annarah Charles
Annarah CharlesBridgewater State University
Annarah was born in Haiti, and came to America when she was 15 with her father. She loves playing soccer and is an avid cook too. She plans to be on the pre-medical track at Bridgewater State University to fulfill her dreams of becoming a general surgeon. She wants to change peoples’ lives, and give them back their smiles.
Darnel Cineas
Darnel CineasMiddlebury College
Darnel has been a core leader of his high school’s Black Student Union and Brother 2 Brother club. He plans to study Computer Science (one of his self-professed favorite things) at Middlebury College. He loves a challenge, and can’t wait for what comes next in his future.
James Williams
James WilliamsBoston University
James’ family immigrated from Peru to the United States in search of better opportunities. As a first generation college student, he hopes to show his grandparents that their choice to leave their country behind for the future generation was the best investment they have ever made. Passionate about mental health, he plans to major in Psychology at Boston University with the goal of becoming a psychiatrist to help those in need.
Jeremy Rodriguez
Jeremy RodriguezDartmouth College
Jeremy plans to do a modified major in government and economics with a minor or double major in computer science at Dartmouth College. Driven by a passion for social justice, he has led calls for much needed change, and important equity initiatives at his high school. His dream is to become a senator, or to use his computer science degree to improve privacy and cybersecurity.
Jessica Joseph
Jessica JosephSuffolk University
Jessica is a natural-born entrepreneur, who started her own lip gloss company in high school. She plans to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing at Suffolk University (and soon after, her MBA), so she can fulfill her dream of opening up her very own real estate firm.
Jessie Reyes
Jessie ReyesLehigh University
Jessie, influenced by her seventh-day adventist upbringing, feels a deep connection with the environment. She plans to study environmental science engineering at Lehigh University. Inspired by her immigrant mother, she is fiercely proud of her Salvadorean roots. She hopes to represent her people of color, girls around the world, and her generation on a variety of platforms.
Kayla Monteiro
Kayla MonteiroUMass Amherst
Kayla is a bold, ambitious and optimistic young woman who is first in her family to go to college. A student athlete, poet and social justice advocate, she embraces all her different facets. Kayla has known since middle school that she wants to break barriers as a Cape Verdean woman in STEM. She plans to major in chemical engineering at UMass Amherst so she can go on to lead innovations in medicine and waste disposal to stop global warming.
Natalie Ramirez
Natalie Ramirez
Natalie, a first-generation college student, is tremendously excited to be able to go to college. She plans to major in Biology/Pre-medical with a minor or double major in Business. Going into the healthcare field has been a long held dream of hers that now seems so close to coming true.
Nelissa Timothee
Nelissa TimotheeBoston University
Nelissa is passionate about science and medicine. She plans to major in Biology at Boston University, and wants to influence the healthcare system to make it better for women and people of color.
Paola Ruiz
Paola RuizTufts University
Paola, the daughter of Colombian parents, was born and raised in East Boston. Her connection to her neighborhood and her love for writing led her to fall in love with journalism. Through her volunteer work at Maverick Landing Community Services, she is exploring different ways of making information accessible within her community. She plans to double major in English, and Film And Media at Tufts University.
Phebean Ogunsanwo
Phebean OgunsanwoBrandeis University
Phebean is a social justice activist who has organized several events in her high school to champion, and create safe and inclusive spaces for Black women. By attending Brandeis University, she is one step closer to her goals of becoming a lawyer, and eventually entering politics.
Naomi Mckennon
Naomi MckennonRice University
Naomi is pursuing her passion for science and medicine by majoring in biochemistry at Rice University. She feels strongly about helping more black girls feel confident in pursuing science, and plans to continue to work on diversity and inclusion by participating in various clubs and organizations in college.
Salma Ibrahim
Salma Ibrahim


Karina Avalos
Karina AvalosTufts University

Karina’s passion for the environment has taken her to Tufts University, where she is focusing on environmental science. She plans to create innovative solutions for the problems impacting our planet, taking advantage of every opportunity along the way. She graduated from Chelsea High School. Karina’s parents immigrated to the US from El Salvadore and Honduras.

Nazira Calhoun
Nazira CalhounUMass Lowell
Nazira insists that hard work does not have to be boring. She is constantly looking to put a creative twist in her projects, and sees those opportunities in the field of engineering. Nazira aims to make basic mechanical engineering experience available to low-income communities. She is excited to study mechanical engineering at UMass Lowell.
Kitty-Anne Dubuisson
Kitty-Anne DubuissonMassachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Kitty-Anne Dubuisson follows her passions toward a greater understanding of the world. She graduated from North Quincy High School with dual passions for the biological sciences and social activism. Kitty-Anne attends Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and aims to become a physician and a community leader. She’s a broad-minded, driven, and persuasive young adult.
Brianna Feliciano
Brianna FelicianoTufts University
Brianna is determined to inspire other Latinx scholars to pursue careers in the STEAM field (science, technology, engineering, and math, with an arts component). She is a graduate of The Winsor School and at Tufts University plans to major in mechanical engineering with a minor in engineering education. She’s excited by Tufts's Society of Latinx Engineers and the Association of Latin American Students.
Marlen Galan
Marlen GalanUMass Lowell
Marlen embraces a challenge. While studying biology at UMass Lowell, furthering her career goals in orthopedic surgery, she hopes to increase Latinx female representation in STEM subjects.
Lana Giha
Lana GihaBryn Mawr College

Lana is aiming to become a cardiologist and position herself to serve the less fortunate within her community. She’s a graduate of Malden High School, pursuing her degree at Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, and a strong advocate for sharing knowledge and skills.

Amira Yahya
Amira YahyaBay Path University

Amira does not let her life circumstances hold her back. At Bay Path University, Massachusetts, she plans to major in interior design. She’s a graduate of Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, where she was student council vice president, excelled in sports, and won multiple awards. Amira is passionate about architecture, drafting, and carpentry and has helped rebuild homes destroyed by a hurricane in North Carolina. She’s a youth peer leader in Mothers for Justice and Equality, a nonprofit working to end neighborhood violence.


Malu Andrade
Malu AndradeUMass Amherst
Malu is an intelligent, motivated young woman who cares deeply about her community and environment. Wise beyond her years, Malu believes in working hard to build the future she wishes to see. She will be attending UMass Amherst this fall and plans to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering and Business where she can learn technical and real world skills to help build energy efficient and ecological sustainable buildings.
Deedee Hernandez
Deedee HernandezDartmouth College
Deedee graduated as the valedictorian for Chelsea High School’s Class of 2019 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and will be attending Dartmouth College this fall to pursue Environmental Science. Deedee is an exceptional student who works hard and cares deeply about others. She possesses a zest for learning and never stops pushing herself out of her comfort zone to meet a standard higher than what is expected of her.
Beshair Nurhussien
Beshair NurhussienClark University
Beshair is an intelligent, caring, driven, sincere, and incredibly hardworking student. She is a graduate of Worcester Technical High School and will be attending Clark University this fall. Her dream is to become a doctor and is committed to working hard to transform her dream into a reality. She is also committed to teaching children Arabic and Islamic studies at her mosque and is a Sunday School teacher at the Worcester Islamic Center.
Ezequiel Nunez
Ezequiel NunezFitchburg State University
Ezequiel is a hardworking, enthusiastic, and generous student who is dedicated to strengthening his community by promoting equality among his peers. Ezequiel emigrated three and a half years ago from the Dominican Republic; and has written a thoughtful story weaving memories of family traditions with his transition to the American life. Ezequiel’s dream is to be a doctor and will be attending Fitchburg State University this fall to study Biology.


Carla Duran Capellan
Carla Duran CapellanMiddlesex Community College

Carla Duran is a student at Middlesex Community College and a 2016 graduate of Lowell High School. As a young woman who immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic five years ago, she was a shy high school student still mastering English, and transformed herself into an outgoing, confident powerhouse winning a statewide award for her work mentoring students on civic education and action. She also presented at the Massachusetts State House and at the Boston Book Festival as an co-author of a student written book on the key Supreme Court cases, Federal laws, and concepts essential to American diversity. She is also a co-author of the book “Defining Diversity”, an alumna of the Student Leadership board for Generation Citizen, and a participant of the Obama Foundation: Training Young Leaders. [more..]